Admissions and Registration

In addition to academic prerequisites, The Great Lakes College of Health Sciences – Benedict Lust School of Naturopathic Medicine – requires that candidates for admission possess the potential to become competent physicians. They must demonstrate maturity, integrity, communication skills, and most importantly,
a serious commitment to naturopathic medicine. The academic prerequisites represent the minimum requirement for entrance into the naturopathic program.

General requirements for admission to the naturopathic medical program is at least three years of study at an appropriately accredited college or university consisting of one hundred and thirty-five (135) quarter hours or ninety
(90) semester hours. At least one-third of these credits must be in upper division level courses, and must include the following:

The prerequisite courses for admission represent the minimum requirement. Additional courses especially in science and mathematics can enhance the applicant’s prospects for admission.

All science and mathematics courses must be at the ‘science major’ or ‘premedical’ level; remedial, preparatory, or survey science and mathematics courses are not acceptable. No credit is given for completion of a required prerequisite course unless a grade of C (2.0) or better is eamed. These are estimated credits and
may vary slightly from college to college. Contact an Admissions Officer for current information.

The Great Lakes College of Health Sciences Naturopathic Medical Program is typically completed in four years.

Applicants with academic credits from schools of allopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine, osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine, etc. may be granted advanced standing in the program. (refer to Academic Requirements, Advanced Standing)

All applicants are personally interviewed before acceptance.

The Admissions Committee evaluates applicants to determine whether to accept or deny admission, or recommend additional evaluation of the applicant. Admissions decisions are based on the completed application form, pre-professional and/or professional school transcripts, recommendations, the personal interview, and life experience.

Classes are limited in size, and enrollment closes when classes are full. It is therefore suggested that candidates submit application material well before the stated Registration deadlines (See Calendar).

Provisional and Conditional Acceptance
Provisional Acceptance may be granted to applicants when pertinent official transcripts have not been received, yet classes at GLCHS-BLSNM have begun.
When transcripts are received the Admissions Committee reserves the right to
review the applicant’s file and at that time determine the status of the applicant.

Students with certain academic deficiencies who cannot be accepted with regular student status at GLCHS-BLSNM may be, upon determination by the Admissions
Committee, placed on Conditional Acceptance Status for a specified period.
The student is then required to maintain a minimum grade level of 75 in all courses
in the first semester in order to gain full acceptance to the program
and matriculate into subsequent term(s).

Refer to current Calendar for Registration deadlines. All application and admission requirements must be fulfilled before the Registration deadline: See Tuition and Fee Schedule for financial deadlines.

Late Registration
Late Registration may be accepted, if approved, upon payment of the Late Registration Fee. GLCHS-BLSNM rules and regulations in effect at the time of registration will normally stay in effect for the duration
of the student’s continuous enrollment.